What we do

Famous for service

Travel Retail Teams

Famous for committed and dedicated trainers, who support our product teams who sell your brands in World Duty Free Group stores at international airport hubs with high footfall.



Customer Service Teams

Famous for teams with  the right personality, communication and excellent customer services skills to help customers choose your beauty products.



Exhibitions Teams

Famous for briefed and professional promotion teams who are trained to deliver a clear message creating greater product awareness and sales conversion. Always investing in your business and creating brand ambassadors who can act as substitutes for staff at short notice.




Events Teams

Famous for front-line event staff trained to be the face of your brand or promotion.  Our teams constantly

interact and engage with your audience, helping to build and establish relationships with your most valued customers.


How we work


  • We take our clients precise business requirements and use our considerable experience in travel retail, customer service, exhibitions, events, and promotions to ensure that ensure project is structured and resourced to achieve sales targets.


  • We use our consultants, profiles, relationships, and know-how to negotiate the right people, the right place, and the right amount of time for each product range, taking into account traffic flow and competing brands.



  • We support each promotion with team leaders and trained consultants who have the right level of product knowledge, sales methods, and incentives required to be the best brand ambassadors.


  • We have a dedicated staff  of team-leaders with experienced and category knowledge who are assigned to maintain day-to-day control of each promotion.


  • We think, act, behave and perform as an extension of your marketing and sales team.
  • We give feedback at the end of each sales campaign, after analysing and reviewing the project with our managers. We measure the results against targets and Key Performance Indicators. The results are then fed back into our continuous improvement processes.


  • Our support office is open 24 hours a day to plan for and react to service-demands and replacement staffing.

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Telephone: +44 (0)1932 567672

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